Halloween in Maine

Maine's Favorite Movie For Halloween Is Not From Stephen King
With stories that have been adapted from his novels like IT taking place in the fictional town of Derry, Maine based on Bangor and Pet Sematary set in Aroostook County's very small town of Ludlow for instance, you would think one of his horror classics would top the list here. Surprise. Not thi…
Bob Marley Takes On Mom's Old Trick-Or-Treat Apple Warning
We really didn't have any interest in biting into a crisp red delicious instead of loading up on Reeses and Kit-Kats anyway. Nevertheless, our worried moms would always inspect our Halloween hauls for the nefarious apples before we could take full possession of our bounty. Why? Well. Razor blad…
Watch Maine's Best Evah Halloween Cartoon [NSFW]
As we head into the holiday we love next week, we thought it would be a good idea to put on the Temp Tales Halloween Special from our friends at O'Chang Comics. Will Bud and his crew turn this undead beast into lobster bait or will they all end up in a watery grave?

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