Local Band Creates Brilliantly Funny 'IT' Parody
This has got be one of the most epic ways of self-promotion by a Maine band we've ever seen! The guys from the Lewiston based Skosh made a short film for Friday the 13th and Halloween in the style of the blockbuster 'IT' to let fans know about their upcoming shows.
Remember These LaVerdiere's Halloween Commercials?
Growing up in Augusta, the Halloween headquarters was always LaVerdiere's on Water Street. It's so cool to flashback to those October days of popping in to see all the scary new masks, decorations and shelves loaded with candy. If you ever need a LaVerdiere's fix...
Halloween Leftovers on Craigslist Maine!
When you think of halloween leftovers, you might only think of candy, but a Mainer on Craigslist has some pretty creapy stuff that he's trying to move. This collection could send next year's Halloween party right over the edge! Check out the post...
What to do With Blimpville’s Uncarved Pumpkins!
We never got around to carving our Halloween pumpkins, but they are still looking fresh, so after school today we are going to make the most of them. Here are some ideas that I found for doing just that:

Turn the empty pumpkin into a planter by setting a container of mums inside
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