Joe Walsh

Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert
WBLM celebrates the birth of a legend who has brought pure rock joy to our lives since his days way back with the James Gang. Ladies and gentleman, Joe Walsh!
Tonight's WBLM Mini-Concert
After a lengthy hiatus during the Blimp’s A to Z, here comes the return this week of the WBLM Mini-Concert!  It's the Big Red Love Van taking us to another historic Civic Center show. 35 years ago, Joe Walsh rocked the CCCC.
Joe Walsh Pre-Sale!
The Legendary Eagles guitarist, returns to Blimpville this summer!  WBLM welcomes back Joe Walsh to Portland at the Maine State Pier on Thursday, July 28th.
On-Sale Now!
Legendary Eagles guitarist, Joe Walsh returns to Blimpville this summer! He played the Civic Center 3 times in the Eighties and we're pretty sure he did a show in the early Nineties at the Ballpark in OOB. So, it's been way too long!

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