Maine Baby Goats in Pajamas

Maine Baby Goat Pajama Party!
The first baby goats in pajamas video from 2015 has over 6 million views. This one from last Spring is over half a million so far. Watch this adorable video of Maine baby goats having way more fun than the rest of us and you'll see why.
More Maine Baby Goats!
Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland has made a couple of videos of their baby Nigerian Dwarf goats that you’ve probably seen since they each have millions of views on YouTube. We decided that we had to go there and capture some more irresistible cuteness from Ma…
Maine Baby Goats Pajamas!
The cold, rainy weather this week has made us all feel like we'd rather stay inside and walk around the house in our jammies. Unfortunately, most of us can only daydream about it ...gotta work, right? You know who else would rather stay undercover in the barn and hop around in some comfy fleece…