Peter Frampton

Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
Happy 68th Birthday to the great Peter Frampton! That amazing tenor voice and signature Talkbox guitar returns to Blimpville this summer. He’s at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor with the Steve Miller Band on July 5th!
Why David Bowie’s Eyes Were Different Colors
Part of David Bowie's mystique was his amazing mismatched eyes. In an industry and a world obsessed with perfection, his eyes were his trademark, being otherworldly and alien in their imperfection.
Here is the story of how David Bowie got his eerie gaze...
Wicked Close to Frampton in Portland [VIDEO]
Hey Peter Frampton Fans! Check out this front-row video shot by a Blimpster at the Maine State Pier last Saturday (7/27). He's performing Show Me the Way which features the Talk Box effect. It is so cool to see and hear this legendary rocker put that tube in his mouth and form words through his…
Tonight's WBLM Mini-Concert
He was born in South London on April 22,1950. Happy 65th Birthday to the great Peter Frampton! This legendary guitarist was in the bands the Herd and Humble Pie, but found his greatest success as a solo artist with his international smash Frampton Comes Alive selling more than 6 million copies just …