Blimpsters, Any of You Facebook Friends With an Animal?
Everybody wants to be heard, even pets! A quarter of us are friends with somebody's pet on Facebook. I thought that listening to someone talk about themselves in third person was irritating, but this takes it to a whole new level! What would Seinfeld say about pet social media stars...
Just How Spoiled is Your Pet?!
This is Stanley. A couple of months ago he was homeless and surfing around porches and decks in our neighborhood, trying to get a little heat that may be leaking out around doorways. Now he's like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
A Star is Born
Remember years ago when we were hooked on Mr. Trololo himself, Eduard Khil singing the Trololo song? If not you can watch it here. And now, we are pleased to present a cat lip-synching the Trololo song every time his butt is scratched. This is a prime example of why cats rule the internet...
Time for a Change? [PHOTOS]
Maine and New Hampshire are blessed with pristine state parks that allow residents and visitors to explore mountain vistas, forests primeval, beautiful lakes and rivers and breathtaking beaches. Just don't bring your dog.
Dog owners like myself have had to accept these rules that will not allow …
Bad Doggie!
A lot of Mainer's enjoy the warmth and companionship of a pet dog. We also replace a lot of shoes and furniture!
What's Your Pet Worth?
This cat is pretty and fluffy and his owner likes to punk him by posting Craigslist adds to sell him. I bet the cat laughed so freakin' hard when he read it!
Vet Saves Dog with Vodka [VIDEO]
A dog in Australia almost died after licking up a pool of antifreeze in his owner's garage . . .but the vet saved him by force-feeding him a FIFTH OF VODKA.  And the dog was a Maltese terrier, and looks like it weighs about 12 pounds. The dog's name is Charlie, and the owner is J…