These 33 Wicked Epic Photos Give You a Real Taste of Summer in Maine
The summer of 2021 will go down in the history books as one of reconnection; with friends and family, nature and live music. Mainers received their Covid-19 vaccinations and enjoyed concerts, canoeing and cook outs. Taking nothing for granted, they captured lots of pictures; there were moments of co…
The First Photos of Tom Brady’s Found Jerseys
Here they are! The first photos of the TB 12 stolen jerseys. These are photos from the Mexican Attorney General's office. The Super Bowl 49 jersey still has grass stains on it!
Here's a great minute-by-minute account of the Brady Caper:
James White VIP Photos
It was a night to remember at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center as James White was on stage for our Championship Celebration. See and download your VIP photos here.

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