Patriots Game Day Snack No. 11: Kicked-Up Cheese Dip!
This recipe comes from yet another page that we ripped out of a Food Network magazine years ago. There's no date on it, but there is a picture of the Deen Brothers on the back, so it's older than we remember, I'm just not sure if they had anything to do with this dish.
Patriots Game Day Snack No. 9: Cheesesteak!!!
Easy to do (as in stupidly simple, really) and it packs a wallop of flavor with just five ingredients. Clipped this recipe from Food Network Magazine and yes, we actually subscribe to an actual magazine, the kind you get in the mail and you pick up and hold and turn pages and everything!!!
Sriracha. A Touching and Personal Tribute.
This was my Tuesday night dinner. Sriracha, a spicy power-condiment elevates boring old eggs into a culinary mind game of balancing heat and sweet. At least for me. Every bite is well thought out, because though I like the heat, it is a tad too hot for me to eat all on it's own...