Mainers on Etsy, Mainely Fish Prints LLC in Kittery!
Let me introduce you to Mainely Fish Prints LLC, a family business and very cool Etsy shop that recycles lobster rope by creating mats, dog toys, coasters and even Christmas garland.
They also offer beautiful lobster claw prints!
These coasters would be a great hostess gift when visiting som…
Big Cats Love Recycled Christmas Trees! [VIDEO]
Here is the coolest Christmas tree recycling program ever! I didn't know it, but pine trees are like catnip! At Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida you can check out amazing big cats enjoying the holidays in their own way.
America Recycles Day is Saturday, Get on it!
What else can you recycle besides cans and bottles? America Recycles Day is the perfect chance to learn! The Maine Department of Environmental Protection website has information about recycling almost everything in your home and garage!
We are creating more hazardous waste in our homes than ever...
First Car Keepsake?
Beyond cool! If you were sitting on this couch in my living room, I would roller skate up to you balancing a tray of burgers and strawberry milkshakes. Check out this Craigslist find!
Is this the automotive equivalent of pet taxidermy...