UMaine Says No To Parties
As you may have heard several schools have already suspended classes across the country because off-campus parties have created a hazard to help with the spread of COVID-19 that's why the University of Maine system came out with this directive.
Maine High Schools To Plan In Person Graduations?
So it looks like plans are in the works for Maine Schools to have in-person Graduations! This must be excellent news for students and parents who had worries about missing out on the memory of walking across that stage.
Optional to Pledge of Allegiance at school?
The Pledge of Allegiance has started school days off for many years, but some students at South Portland High School feel that it should be optional and not mandatory. The Student Body President began adding "if you'd like to" before she led the school's pledge...
Stuck in an Elevator? Sing Aerosmith!
Being trapped in an elevator would be a nightmare for some people, but these drunken college students in England made the best of it. The group started singing Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" at the top of their lungs. Somebody heard them and recorded this...