Celeste Takes to the High Seas on The Cat Ferry!
I am about to embark on a sea journey! On Saturday I'm taking The Cat High Speed Ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with a group of friends from work. It takes just 5 and a half hours to Nova Scotia from Portland! On The Cat we will jam out to their house band, Celtic Rant, enjoy food, drinks,…
Ways to Spend $10,000! Daydream With Me!
I love to daydream about what I would do with a financial windfall!
So, here's what I'm thinking...

pay off debt
go to Morocco
home theater
down payment on a house with more than one bathroom!
invest responsibly
give some to an important charity
set aside for retirement community that has a swimming pool wi…
Defog Your Windows Twice as Fast [VIDEO]
When it comes to defogging my windows in the winter, I pretty much hit every button on my control panel and pray that something happens. There is a more scientific way to go about it and it will defog your windows twice as fast as what you have always thought was the correct way...
Warm Up with Walt Disney World Time Lapse Video
As we approach mid February nearly waist deep in snow, so many people dream about taking a fun winter vacation to a warm and sunny place. It's not surprise that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., continues to be one of the most popular destinations and plenty of Maine and New Hampshire fa…
Is Your Valid Passport Valid? Maybe Not!
Traveling with a U.S. passport can get complicated, depending on where you are traveling. The expiration date of your passport is on the inside front cover, next to your photo. But in some countries they will refuse entry to you for having a passport that expires in less than 3 or 6 months!