Butterball Steps it Up This Year With Hotline Texting!
The Butterball Turkey-Talk Line began back in 1981 with 6 ladies working the phones to answer 11,000 turkey cooking questions! Over the years the hotline has answered over 100,000 questions, and even with the internet available, every year more and more people are using this resource...
Turkey Prank! Pregnant Turkey?! [VIDEO]
This is SO funny! Apparently biology is not this girl's strong suit. Let's review the reproductive process of a turkey:

Turkeys lay eggs, like chickens.
After 28 days the eggs hatch and little turkeys arrive.
At no point is there a baby turkey alive inside another turkey
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Turkey Shortcut?
One of the things people dread the most about the Thanksgiving meal is how long it takes to cook the turkey. Did you know there's a way to do it in about half the time?