Van Hagar

Blimp Time Hop: First Shows For “Van Hagar” In Portland
33 years ago, the die-hard VH fans of Portland Maine got to witness the greatness of live ‘Van Hagar’ for the first time! Eddie, Alex, Michael, and new guy Sammy brought the 5150 tour to the Civic Center for 2 nights on August 23 & 24 1986. The opener was Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Both nights were SOLD-OUT!
Blimp Time-Hop: Van Hagar Goes #1 With A Little Help From WBLM
To announce the dawn of Van Halen Mach II, 5150 opens with Sammy’s big voice saying, “Helloooo Baaybeeee!” This starts the loud and raucous Good Enough followed by the first “Van Hagar” hit, Why Can’t This Be Love. The 5150 album was in heavy rotation in 1986 on WBLM. We played every track that year.
Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
32 years ago today, Van Halen 5150 went No.1 the US and stayed on top for 3 weeks. The made it to Maine with Sammy for the first time in the Summer of '86 for a sold-out two-night stand! Were you there?