Wicked Cunnin'

Wicked Cute Video: Just Born Maine Baby Goat Triplets In A Tub
I absolutely adore them. It really is crazy that my family hasn't visited them in person yet. Thankfully, we get updated on the regular from their caregivers with exceptionally great videos. The latest offering is no exception. Behold the impossible cuteness of just born Maine baby goat TRIPL…
WATCH: Maine Baby Goats…Now With a Baby
We've seen baby goats in pajamas, baby goats in sweaters, baby goats with a St. Bernard puppy, and baby goats in bucket. Now just when you thought it couldn't get any more cunnin', Sunflower Farm in Cumberland presents: Baby Goats and a Baby!
Maine Baby Goat Pajama Party!
The first baby goats in pajamas video from 2015 has over 6 million views. This one from last Spring is over half a million so far. Watch this adorable video of Maine baby goats having way more fun than the rest of us and you'll see why.

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