The Westbrook Police Department is asking for the public's help in finding a stolen truck that has an identity crisis. The truck is used to plow a private lot in Westbrook and someone drove off with it on January 4. Spotting it shouldn't be too hard, because this is what I like to call a Frankentruck.

Mainers are very loyal to their truck brands. You've likely seen stickers of Calvin of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes peeing on the logos of either Ford or Chevy. The battle between which brand of truck is better has raged in Maine for decades and that's why this truck is bound to make people cringe.

The truck in question has been stitched together using a Ford cab and Chevy bed and the colors don't match. It's not uncommon to see these Frankentrucks on the roads of Maine, but connecting a Ford and a Chevy is enough to make some people cringe.

So be on the lookout for the tan/white Ford/Chevy truck and if you spot it, which shouldn't be hard to miss, don't approach the driver. Just call Officer Madeville of the Westbrook Police Department at 207-854-0644 ext. 2548. or e-mail at Let's get this truck back to its rightful owner and maybe ask them the question "Ford or Chevy?"


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