What Do You Borrow From Your Neighbors?
This is Mark wielding the most powerful piece of lawn equipment on our street, Mr. Todd's gas powered leaf blower! We borrow it every fall and it is a life changer. Do you borrow stuff from your neighbors?
A Schedule For Trunk Or Treating In Southern Maine!
Halloween in Maine has changed over the years, instead of hitting the streets in a ghostly sheet with a matching pillowcase as a candy sack, kids are going Trunk or Treating. These events are considered a little bit safer, some are held inside so that bad weather doesn't keep the candy away and…
Watch This Video Before You Go Hunting in the Maine Woods
It's that time of the year in Maine. Hunting Season! Maine has had zero fatal hunting accidents in the last four years. And as the season starts, it's a good time to remember some key safety tips from our friends at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
-Always treat every firearm as …

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