Captain and Celeste

Are You A Germaphobe? Take This Quiz With Captain and Celeste
This morning our fellow employee, Michelle, came into the studio to give us some paperwork. Before handing me a piece of paper, Michelle licked her finger. YUCK!!! This is my pet peeve, people licking their fingers and covering whatever they are giving me with their germy, gross saliva!
Tis the Season in Maine for Frickin’ Freezin’
Friday we had the coldest morning so far this season and maybe it'll climb up to the low 30s this weekend. So as we keep adding the extra layers, let's crank up the most requested winter weather song from the WBLM Morning Show!
Episode #6: What Does the Portland Time Temp Sign Say?
Once again, the Captain and Celeste are completely clueless to what the Portland Time Temperature Sign says. It's partly that it's too darn early, and partly that there are a few bulbs out on the sign. And, of course it's partly that it's that the Captain and Celeste are involved…

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