Captain and Celeste

Pairing Wine With Halloween Candy, Delish!
It's that time of year when two of my favorite things in the whole wide world mix together, Snickers and Chardonnay! Get the most flavor out of your candies and chocolates by pairing them with the right wine. You want the wine to be sweeter than what you are eating and to match the intensity of…
Meet the Man That Started the Craft Beer Revolution
Mr. Jim Koch. An all-around good guy and an honorary lifelong member of the WBLM Morning Show. He also happens to be the founder of Sam Adams beer and the man that started the craft beer revolution. Let me write that again. HE STARTED THE CRAFT BEER REVOLUTION...
Girls Night Out With Whitesnake [VIDEO]
It's pretty safe to say that Celeste is all fired up for the bands show coming to the Maine State Pier in Portland on Sunday, June 26th! She really wants you to share in all this joy with her that night!
Sing For Your Song Friday [AUDIO]
Want to hear your favorite song on the WBLM Morning Show? That's cool, all you have to do us SING IT to The Captain and Celeste. Just because you can't sing, doesn't mean you shouldn't sing!

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