Amendola Out, Floyd To Travel [VIDEO]
New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola will miss the next contest with the Denver Broncos on the road this weekend, according to multiple reports.
Amendola missed practice again on Friday and may miss the remainder of the regular season according to WEEI's Mike Petraglia.  The receiver has…
WATCH: Fitzy’s Pats/Broncos Preview
Fitzy's back agonizing over last year's AFC Championship loss to the Broncos. No worries. The Patriots are "comin' in f-in' white-hot" after their win over the Ravens on Monday night.
Guess Who’s Back To Officiate Pats Game?
The NFL has assigned Walt Anderson as referee for Sunday's Patriots vs Broncos game. Why is that news...well, it will be his first Patriots games since he was referee for the Pats v Colts playoff game that led to Deflategate.

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