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WATCH: Maine Deer Show Up Early For Suppah at the Pantry
According to the Brownville Food Pantry for Deer Facebook page, feeding can't begin until December 16th per Maine law. Apparently people in Maine aren't the only creatures who like to be first in line for a good buffet. The deer are already arriving at the pantry and we get a preview of t…
Blimp Time-Hop: '79 Aerosmith Show Cut Short at CCCC
When Aerosmith came to Portland on December 6, 1979, Steven Tyler passed out onstage which brought the show to a halt. It was a Thursday night in front of a sold-out crowd at the Cumberland County Civic Center.
Blimp Time-Hop: Last RUSH Show at the CCCC
33 years ago today, Rush kicked off the Power Windows Tour at the Civic Center in Portland. That's right. The first official night of their trek across North America happened right here in Blimpville.
Maine Radio Like Nowhere Else Is Back With Markathon 10
It's an amazing week of Maine radio that we look forward to every year, all for a great cause! You can make a donation to the Center for Grieving Children and get a request played for your generosity. ANY song, ANY style by ANY artist!