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LOOK: Incredible Maine Lobster With Purple Shaded Shell
Blue lobsters! Calico lobsters! It seems we've been hearing and seeing about more and more oddly colored lobsters in Maine this year. Now there's a photo of a lobster that we're sure that Prince would have loved.
WATCH: ATV Wipeout During Maine News Live-Shot
NewsCenter Maine's Samantha Sugerman was reporting on live from the dedication of a bridge in memory of Eugene Cole Norridgewok yesterday. You won't believe what unexpectedly occurred during the live-shot.
Bob Marley's Thoughts on Maine Apple Picking
Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley is here with a hilarious quick take on the idea that heading to the orchard for apples is a must. Every father in the North East can relate for sure.
Maine Man Remembers His Friend Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane
He posted an emotional tribute to Marty Balin on Facebook saying, "Marty was extraordinary. A unique man. His soul ran deep and he generously shared his wealth as a family man, a friend, a musician, a songwriter, a singer, a dancer, and a painter."
Today's Blimp Time-Hop: Rush at CCCC in 1980
Blimpsters at this show heard new songs like Freewill and The Spirit of Radio for the first time live in Portland. The band also previewed Limelight and Tom Sawyer a whole 4 months before the release of Moving Pictures. Nerdgasm!
Today's Blimp Time -Hop: ELO Lands in Maine
40 years ago today, the Electric Light Orchestra landed their spaceship in Blimpville for a sold-out show at the Civic Center! This was their only appearance ever in Portland.
See Maine's Historic Ghost Trains
Posted on Facebook this week by Steve Yenko of Mainly Maine Photography, watch this cool video trip deep into the northern woods to see the Ghost Trains.
Wicked Funny: Great Session to Help Heal a Tough Couple Weeks
In this brand new episode of NFL Therapy titled The Pats Just Lost Two In A Row, main character Francis the Pats Fan (played by comedian Randy Gardner) joins another meeting with other NFL fans as he tries to adjust to being disappointed in Tom Brady.
Maine's Sunday River Hosts 19th Wife Carrying Championship
This insane obstacle course is navigated with the wife carried face down on the husband's back her arms wrapped around his waist and legs around his neck. The race even has a giant mud puddle (called the widow maker) to get through. Crazy right?
WATCH: Maine Woman Selling Moose Poop Tacky Trinkets
We're not sure why anyone would need holiday ornaments or a clock with moose droppings next to each number so you know when it's "one turdy". But, this Maine woman's enthusiasm for gifts made with moose poop might actually convince you to buy 'em.