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Maine's Official Final Fall Foliage Report
Another sure sign that winter is sneaking up on us, the final Maine Fall Foliage report of the season is here. The leaves are coming down. Enjoy the foliage along the beautiful Maine coast while you still can.
Praising Local Brews With Maine Historical Society
Tomorrow it's "A Taste of Maine's Beer History" at 6pm, because an excellent exhibit like this needs a great party. It's hosted by Joshua Christie who wrote the book, "Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland" and Don Littlefield of The Maine Brew Bus.
Maine Boy Giggling Is Ray of Light After Being Injured in Crash
All our love and light to the family and friends affected and especially to Enoch for a full recovery. And speaking of love and light, here is the pure joy of laughter from Enoch that we had to make sure you saw. Thank you for the happy tears buddy!
WATCH: Fitzy's Beer Chuggin' Recap of Sunday Night [NSFW]
No one articulates frenzy we all went through better or more hilariously than our old pal Fitzy. He's back with his foul-mouthed, belch-punctuated analysis of the two routes we alternated between that brought us back to work feeling awesome!
What Happens When Maine's Bob Marley Sees Maxi-Pad on the List?
Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley has been doing a series of hilarious Facebook selfie videos this month tackling topics ranging from the agony of apple picking to mass squirrel roadkill. This weekend's video might be the the best one so far!
LOOK: Incredible Maine Lobster With Purple Shaded Shell
Blue lobsters! Calico lobsters! It seems we've been hearing and seeing about more and more oddly colored lobsters in Maine this year. Now there's a photo of a lobster that we're sure that Prince would have loved.
WATCH: ATV Wipeout During Maine News Live-Shot
NewsCenter Maine's Samantha Sugerman was reporting on live from the dedication of a bridge in memory of Eugene Cole Norridgewok yesterday. You won't believe what unexpectedly occurred during the live-shot.
Bob Marley's Thoughts on Maine Apple Picking
Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley is here with a hilarious quick take on the idea that heading to the orchard for apples is a must. Every father in the North East can relate for sure.
Maine Man Remembers His Friend Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane
He posted an emotional tribute to Marty Balin on Facebook saying, "Marty was extraordinary. A unique man. His soul ran deep and he generously shared his wealth as a family man, a friend, a musician, a songwriter, a singer, a dancer, and a painter."