Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
This weekend, we remember one of the last shows of the Seventies with the original line-up of Aerosmith and a show without Brad Whitford and Joe Perry. Both were on a November 19th at the Civic Center. Sadly, heavy drug use and bad vibes seemed to dominate this period.
Maine TV Show ‘From Away’ Coming to Facebook
The new adventurous Maine mini-series aired it's first season last spring on Portland's Fox 23. Brunswick native Teagan Wright took us all over Vacationland to visit the hard-working, hard-playing Mainers that help make our state the best place on Earth. Now he's back with season 2 o…
Old Dudes in Maine Kinda Duke It Out, Cop Crashes into Parked Car
Let's start by saying we don't encourage violence. But, this is funny. A couple old dudes got into it on Congress Square in Portland awhile back. The comedy ensues when these two start waving their fists and it doesn't appear that either guy connects.
Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
Today we celebrate the legendary guitar powerhouse who brought together rock, blues, and jazz to create an unmistakable signature sound. The late great Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble made their first and only appearance at the Civic Center, 32 years ago.
Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
27 years ago, ‘The Thundah from Down Undah’ came back to Portland for their 6th sold-out night since their first concert at the CCCC in 1985.
Snow Today in Maine?
When you stepped outside this morning it felt like it might happen, huh. Well here's a look at where we might see it fall today. You gettin' any?
Maine Police Warn of Netflix Scam
Heads up! The Lewiston Police and many other departments across Maine are making us aware of bogus emails claiming to be from Netflix in an apparent effort to collect personal information.