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Pats Lose in Jacksonville. Final Score 31-20
A tough afternoon for the Pats as they lose in Jacksonville to the Jags. 31-20 is the final for the Jags first regular-season win against the Pats. We may see them again come playoff time! Next week the Pats right the ship against the Lions in Detriot...
Best Maine Vanity Plates of The Week
We are back with another crop of excellent Maine vanity license plates. The KING of Maine Vanity plates is Vanity of Maine on Instagram.
Maine Kids Cover The Who's "Join Together" and It's Amazing
The future of rock and roll is in good hands thanks to the students and teachers at the Maine Academy of Modern Music. They have made another incredible "Playing for Change" video. This one is a cover of The Who's "Join Together." Very fitting!
Lisbon's Ralphie The Emu Heads South
According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, Ralphie the Emu is about to start his 22 hour journey from Lisbon, Maine to Locust Grove, Georgia to join a flock of 60 emus.
Should 9/11 Become a Federal Holiday? [POLL]
Every year since the September 11th attacks, our president has declared it to be "Patriot Day", a day of remembrance. Some Americans want 9/11 to become an official Federal Holiday