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My New T.V. Remote Has Improved My Life, That's Sad Isn't It?
I'll admit it, I like to watch T.V.. I'm not going to give you some line about watching only documentaries or programs about the environment or political issues. I straight up go for the real junk. Real Housewives bad, I'm not proud.
During my recuperation from ankle surgery my telev…
Mainers Love to Garden, What Will You Plant This Year?
This year my family is considering planting a garden for the first time. We know nothing about gardening but we have been inspired after eating tomatoes off the vine from other people's gardens every summer and fall. We want in! What will you be planting?
The World's Largest Yard Sale Is Coming and Wow, I've Got Stuff
The World's Largest Yard Sale 2018 on May 12th from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm at Rochester Fairgrounds 72 Lafayette Street Rochester, New Hampshire. There's even a special VIP session from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. for you hard core shoppers who want a jump on the competition!
We Don't Have To Sign Credit Card Receipts Anymore
Save your signature for autographs because according to USA Today we no longer have to sign credit card receipts! This archaic method of proving that you are who you say you are has been made obsolete thanks to EMV readers and much more advanced fraud fighters.
A View of Portland's Woodford's Corner You've Never Seen Before
We've recently discovered an awesome aerial photography outfit called Sky High Maine. The drone shots, done hyperlink style give us a really interesting view of Maine's rhythm of life. We could watch this stuff all day! And this week Sjy High Maine has given us a cool view of Portland&apos…
It's Spring In Maine, When?
The crokus' will bloom again! The thermometer will one day reach 55 degrees! When it reaches 46 degrees Tommy C. will start wearing shorts to work and not stop until Santa comes! I will eat a hot dog from a hot dog stand again! Children will play soccer on grass instead of snow! Farmers will ha…
Friday the 13th Superstitions Explained to Mainers
I have questions about the origins of this superstitious date, so I took them to the experts at Wikipedia. What I found will put your mind at ease. You may find yourself so relieved that you smash a mirror.
The Captain Has Three Wicked Fun Alexa Tricks For You
Listening to WBLM is just one of the fun things you can do with the amazing Amazon Echo device. There are zillions of skills to enable. And Alexa always has a few tricks up her digital sleeve. Here's the Captain with his Alexa Tricks of the Week
Here's Why It Feels Like The Longest Maine Winter Evah
Multiple Nor'easters, tons of days off from school and still more to come with temperatures and an icy mix expected for this Sunday. Winter just seems to hang on here in Maine. One reason is that it seems that you haven't seen your yard in weeks. Make that months. And you would be right. …
Meet The Guy Who Trolls For Maine Vanity Plates All Day Long
Morgan is the King of Maine Vanity Plates. According to him, he and his Mom spend "90% of their time" trolling the streets of Maine for awesome Maine vanity plates. His Vanity of Maine Instagram page is a treasure trove of vanity
Here's Whats New at Hadlock Field This Year for Sea Dogs Games
Are you ready for some baseball? And Sea Dog Biscuits? The Trash Monsters?  We certainly are. The Sea Dogs open their 25th season at Hadlock Field this weekend and there will be some new additions.

New Names for Skyboxes-They sued to be named after legends like Hank Aaron and Stan Musial
Can You Guess What The Tallest Structure In Portland, Maine Is?
Maine ranks 48th in the nation when it comes to tall buildings. We kind of like it that way! We recently found out what the tallest building was in Portland and we were a bit surprised. It's not our One City Center (that's #9) or the Time Temperature Building (that's #6). It's no…
Live In North Windham? I Can See Your House From Here!
If you are a proud resident of the 04062 then we have something wicked cool for you from Sky High Photography. They just released a hyper-lapse aerial shot of one of North Windham. We love these hyper-lapse videos from above as it gives us a new perspective on places we know so well.