Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert [VIDEO]
Today is an historic day for AC/DC fans in Blimpville. 19 years ago on March 18, 1996, they returned to Portland for a sold out show at the Civic Center on the Ballbreaker Tour.
Watch the New AC/DC Video for ‘Rock the Blues Away’!
Right after their explosive performance at the Grammys, AC/DC got to work on a video for a new song from Rock or Bust called 'Rock the Blues Away'. The video was released last night and the Grammys were only a month ago, so that was quick! This is a really great AC/DC tune and you'll …
Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert [VIDEO]
The "Thundah from Down Undah" is coming to Foxboro to take over Tom Brady's turf. AC/DC is kicking off their US tour on August 22nd at Gillette Stadium and BLM has your tickets!
Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert [VIDEO]
It's a couple days later, and AC/DC is absolutely still the best thing to happen on the Grammy Awards the other night. It was their first time on TV in 14 years and featured the return of drummer Chris Slade who last played with them in 1994. They opened with the title track to their new album, 'Roc…
‘Stayin’ in Black’ AC/DC-Bee Gees Mash-Up! [VIDEO]
We got official word this week that AC/DC will perform at the Grammy Awards. Historically, the Grammys haven't been the best at featuring rock bands. The night is usually dominated by pop acts. Maybe AC/DC should perform this amazing mash-up of Back in Black and Stayin' Alive with survivin…

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