Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
The Cumberland County Civic Center hosted the first event on March 3, 1977. It’s really awesome that the first event was a capacity crowd, rock concert with ZZ Top. Just over two months later, the second sold-out rock show happened at the new venue.
Sunday Fun Day with Edelman and Amendola [VIDEO]
Yesterday was such a beautiful Sunday in New England. We love Sundays...especially when the weather is nice. You just want to be OUTSIDE doing ANYTHING. That goes for Patriots superstars Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman too. The boys got on their boards and hit the streets of Boston yesterday:
Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert
Happy Birthday to the inventor of the ‘Rockman’ guitar amplifier! And oh yeah, he’s also the guitarist, keyboardist and founder of the band, Boston.
LISTEN: Brad Delp’s Last Known Interview
We were still reeling from the news of Maine music legend, Bill Chinnock's death in the windy chill of an early March. Then came a phone call while I was on the air a couple days later with the unbelievable news that Brad Delp was gone.

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