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Bob Socci on the West Coast [AUDIO]
We got to play "Where In The World Is Bob Socci" this week. Was he still in Green Bay. Did he make the trip back to New England? Or did he travel with the Patriots to San Diego for the week?
Bob Socci on Pats Win Against Broncos [AUDIO]
Bob Socci joins us every Monday after Pats games for his expert analysis. Bob waxed philosophical this week...on Brady vs Manning and how special it is that we get to see these two Hall Of Famers on the same field at the same time. Socci for Governor...
Bob Socci on Pats Big Bears Win [AUDIO]
A happy Bob Socci joined us this morning to talk about the huge win for the Pats yesterday. 51-23 Bear thumping. Sets the stage for an EPIC matchup this upcoming Sunday with Peyton and the Broncos coming to New England. 4:25pm kickoff and only the Blimp will have it for you in 100,000 watt FM stereo…
Bob Socci on Pats Huge Win [AUDIO]
Bob Socci does our play-by-play for the New England Patriots football on the Blimp. He sees the good, the bad and the ugly...and this past Sunday night it was mostly FANTASTIC!
Bob Socci ‘From The Booth’ – Pats Week 1 Loss [AUDIO]
The great Bob Socci joins us every Monday morning on the Blimp with our "From The Booth" Patriots Report. Doing his second year of play-by-play for our Patriots games gives Bob a birds-eye view of every game. Bob travels with the team too, and he'll give us behind the scenes s…