Ian Stuart

Portland Pot Comic With a Common Problem for Stoners
If you didn't get your free weed today at noontime on Monument Square with Crash Barry, you might need to make a call and find some to celebrate 4/20. Watch this hilarious sketch from stoner comedian, Ian Stuart and friends as the search for bud comes full circle.
WATCH: This Maine Ghost Hunters Skit Should Be a TV Show!
Abandoned places in Maine are all the rage right now on the internets. From creepy old hospitals, to empty motels, to defunct ski areas, we can't get enough of these scary Maine locations that would be great settings for a Stephen King movie. These local places are lost in time and are the backdrop …
WATCH: Portland Snowman Bong is Genius
We've all had a really tough week in Blimpville with the unbelievable amount of snow that has been dumped on us. Something like 5 storms over the past ten days. Nothing getting all of winter, all at once! Of course some Mainers make the best of it and turn it into play with great traditions like sle…
WATCH: 4 Veggie Stoner Dishes from Maine
Portland pot comic, Ian Stuart has a series of vids from the stoner kitchen with some recipes that you might wanna try this weekend. Stoners are so innovative. Dude! Let's like, mix together some mushroom gravy, tater tots, and shredded cheese! Veggie Poutine! It's Poo-tin, not poo-teen BT…
WATCH: Dude, It’s a Waterpipe! [NSFW]
I think the first time I walked into Headlines in North Conway like 25 years ago was also the first time I saw a sign above the counter that read something like, "All water pipes are for tobacco use only. Any illegal reference will result in you being asked to leave the store." Now with th…
WATCH: High vs. Drunk in Portland [NSFW]
Portland comic Ian Stuart challenges his buddy Bob to some living room shenanigans that will make you wonder if they can even make off the couch. They go head to head and puff to chug to determine who can make the best grilled cheese after 20 minutes of consumption.

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