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What Was the Last C.D. That You Bought? [VIDEO]
I was on my way to my Millcreek Shaw's, when Bull Moose pulled me into their orbit. I was defenseless! This happens to me sometimes, I will have no intention of shopping for music, but I'll see a music store and have to take a peak. I had nothing particular in mind when I walked through the door, bu…
WBLM Pre-Sale Code for Jackson Browne [VIDEO]
WBLM shared great news here last week of another world class show coming to the Maine State Pier this summer. He'll be rollin' up 295 into Portland, Maine promoting his new album, Standing in the Breach. The Blimp welcomes back our longtime friend, Jackson Browne on Thursday June 9th under…
Tonight’s WBLM Mini-Concert [VIDEO]
32 years ago today, Jackson Browne returned for his 4th appearance at the Civic Center. It was also his 3rd sold-out show in Portland's biggest venue. He arrived onstage here in Blimpville 2 days after the release of his album Lawyers in Love on August 4, 1983.
Jackson Browne in Portland
Thank you Jackson Browne for coming back to Portland. Reports coming out of the show at Merrill Auditorium are fantastic... a great mix of old and new JB.