Wicked Funny Maine Song to ‘Tick-Check’ By
As we start spending more time in the great Maine outdoors we are hearing that ticks will be exceptionally plentiful this year. Ugh, great huh. Now let's have some fun with a band from Lovell in Oxford County.

A Simple Must-Have For Maine Tick Season!
Who knew the life changing effect one of those sticky lint rollers could have on your family during tick season? Our friends at Farmer's Almanac did! Keep one around and roll it across your skin, clothes, and your pet's fur to pick up ticks...
Tick Season in Maine. The Best Way the Remove Them [VIDEO]
Last summer I had to check my pets every day for ticks, and I found way too many. I keep them dosed with Frontline but my cat still managed to come home with them. Time to go on high alert because tick season has returned to Maine and New Hampshire...