Wicked Funny

WARNING: ‘Zucchini Terrorists’ in Maine & NH Once Again
Yup it's that time of year. The time when virtually ever friend or family member with a garden starts pushing their high yield of zucchini on us. You can't seem to stop by for a summer visit without leaving with an armful. Watch this ol' timah's wicked funny perspective on this y…
WATCH: The Maine Every-Dad
Yeah, Dad may seem like a miserable S.O.B sometimes But you know what? Beneath that rough exterior, he just wants to keep you safe.
How to Speak Propah Maineglish
These two Downeast knuckleheads are here to explain the proper use of the word, ‘wicked’ with their Maineglish instructional video. Meet Chipper and Randy from Glenburn (up neah Bangor, guy). These friggin’ guys are hilarious! They are the Wayne and Garth of Maine.

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