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WATCH:Real Mainahs & Their Wintah Sayings
Folks from away will probably need subtitles to understand what the heck these real Mainahs are saying about winter in Maine. But if you're a native you'll understand everything you hear.
Watch: F-You 2016 [NSFW]
When Leah Finkelstein was a student at Cape Elizabeth High School, she used to sing with friends at the old Wrong Brothers’ Pub on open mic nights which led to playing like a million gigs all over Greater Portland.
WATCH: Cold Enough for Ya?
Meet ‘Mahk the old Mainah’.He’s kinda bummed that it’s so friggin' cold. Mahk’s out in the woods tryin’ to stay warm with a cheesy fire and he’s thirstin’ with nothin&CloseCurly…
WATCH: Fitzy’s #1 Seed-Cast [NSFW]
The New England Patriots finished the regular season with a win over Miami on the first day of the year. 2017 couldn't have started any better for Pats fans! Fitzy says, "In one day,  thanks to one win, two-thousand seventeen annihilated two-thousand sixteen."  They …
WATCH: Fitzy’s Pats/Broncos Preview
Fitzy's back agonizing over last year's AFC Championship loss to the Broncos. No worries. The Patriots are "comin' in f-in' white-hot" after their win over the Ravens on Monday night.

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