Do you believe in the supernatural?

Trust me, I know that not everyone believes in ghosts and other supernatural entities, but too many people claim to have seen them. The state of Maine is known to be a supernatural hotspot, and honestly, I even think my apartment in Maine is haunted.

Not going to lie to you, but one time while I was visiting Fall River, MA, a shadow figure stood behind me after visiting Lizzie Borden's gravesite. Now, although you may or may not believe in the supernatural, there are definitely some weird and unexplained things that go on in the world.

Travel and Leisure put together a list of the top 10 most haunted roads for supernatural sightings in the U.S., and only one road in New England made the list.

Now you may be thinking that Route 2A in Northern Maine may have made it on the list, as it is Maine's most haunted spot, however, you would be wrong.

One of the most haunted roads is actually located in Connecticut.

According to Travel and Leisure, there are very eerie stories about Jeremy Swamp Road in Southbury, Connecticut. These stories ended up creating an Urban Legend.

The New England Historical Society states that the urban legend is about "Melon Heads."

It seems that "Melon Heads" will attack drivers that are stilling in stalled vehicles on this road, and the drivers vanish before a tow truck arrives.

I guess the next question is, what is a "Melon Head"?

According to the New England Historical Society, a "Melon Head" is a small human-like entity with oversized heads and they "survive by eating small animals, stray cats, and human flesh, usually the flesh of teenagers.”

It seems that many people become intrigued by these disappearances and "Melon Heads," that Erin Egnatz even posted on Hauntings Around America saying that "many go out to the road looking for paranormal activity and have caught various evp, pictures of orbs, mists and shadow figures."

Is this road actually haunted by the supernatural? Well, there is only one real way to find will have to take a drive.

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