Portland's Monument Square has changed a lot in 100 years. Until One City Center, the building out studios are in, was built, Monument Square was truly a square. Traffic circled the monument like an early roundabout. In 1918 there was even a log cabin sitting in Monument Square, right in front of the monument.

Back in 1918, the automobile was still very new and there weren't many on the streets of Portland, so a log cabin in front of the monument wasn't a traffic hazard like it would be a few decades later.

The log cabin was set up as a location to purchase war savings stamps. The United States Treasury Department sold them to help fun World War I. The stamps could be collected and they would grow in value so you would get a return on your investment in the war 6 years later.

According to the Portland Maine History 1786 to Present Facebook page, the log cabin remained in Monument Square until 1920. One person commenting on the photo notes that it was later put to use at Riverside Golf Course until a few years ago.

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