When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Maine, Maine CDC Director Nirav Shah quickly became a fixture on our televisions and on social media channels. Shah has the task of delivering updates on the COVID-19 situation in Maine on a regular basis, updates that are often filled with not so good news.

We learned as we started watching his briefings that he has a good sense of humor. It also can be very subtle, like when he quotes Prince lyrics in a briefing, or the time he Rick Rolled us all. It's just the kind of thing that let us be able to smile in a moment where all the news can really get us down.

The humor he has is not limited to the Maine CDC briefings though. Dr. Shah is very active on Twitter, sharing updates on COVID-19 in Maine there too. He's made Twitter friendships with many people in the media since for almost a year now he has been answering their questions almost daily.

We came across some of the replies that he has made to tweets he's seen and added some of his humor to it. Puns, dad jokes and some subtle humor are just some of Dr. Shah's Twitter comedy stylings.

Here are 11 of Dr. Shah's replies on Twitter that made us laugh.

11 Dr. Nirav Shah Funny Tweet Replies

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