People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons, but whatever they choose, it usually has a tie to something close to their heart. For some, it's pets while for others it's places or things that are near and dear to them.

I reached out on Facebook to ask Mainers to share photos of their tattoos with us and I got over 100 great pictures. Looking through them I found several common bonds that people had behind their tattoos that I plan to share with you over the coming weeks.

In this collection, we're highlighting tattoos from Maine moms that have something to do with their children. All of these tattoos show the love these moms have for their kids yet each tells a different story.

Here are 15 photos from Maine moms of the tattoos they got as tributes to their children and what they mean to them in their own words.

15 Maine Moms With Tattoos in Honor of Their Kids

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