My absolute favorite thing to do in the summertime is to kayak. I can’t afford a motor boat but my needs are exceeded in my little L.L. Bean Manatee. I love sitting so close to the water, getting a workout in, and being able to explore my favorite state through the waters.

Maine has so much to offer and beautiful sites to see, it would take more than an entire summer to explore our state’s waters. From paddling in Casco Bay between the islands, to taking in views of our tallest peak of Katahdin from Moosehead Lake, to relaxing down the lazy river at Swans Falls, we have hundreds of miles of paddling channels to explore.

When I first got my kayak, I already had a list of what felt like hundreds of places I wanted to take it but my first thought was, “how?”. Where do I put it? How do I get to the water? Where do I put my car? Am I allowed to park there? The questions rolled in.

I almost felt kind of intimidated bringing my kayak to public places in fear of looking clueless or doing the wrong thing. I realize now how silly that is and even if I am ever confused about where to launch or what I’m doing, all I need to do is ask those around me who are doing the same thing I love: Paddling in our beautiful state.

I am now a seasoned kayaker and there are many places throughout our state I love to paddle. Whether you’re a fellow kayaker or you prefer a paddle board, I’ve pulled together a list of public launch spots where you can dip your vessel of choice into the waters, paddle away, and bask in the beauty of Maine from a new perspective.

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