Ahhh, the cold air is here.

Do you feel it? It feels good (to some). Others know that the brutal cold is on the way based on the signs.

You know what I mean when I say "signs", right?

I am not talking about the leaves changing. That is obvious. It happens every year, and I LOVE IT. That is why I love New England.


I am talking about the unofficial signs that the warm weather is over and fall is here.

Here is an example. I was having a backyard fire the other day, and couldn't find my small pieces of wood to get the fire going. Why? It was buried in pine needles.

That reminded me that fall is here, and the cold coming.

I also like to think of some local signs. See, you can now enjoy seasonal drinks at every Dunkin's or coffee shop from the East Coast to the West Coast.

But one way that everyone in New England knows it's fall is when the traffic up 95 North (and South) starts to slow down.

Come summertime, traffic going northbound on 95 is crazy every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. It is a parking lot. You know what's worse? The way home. I live right near 95, and always have a glow of red brake lights in the summer on Sundays from 2-8 pm. The commute south in the summer is miserable.

Here are some of the other signs that fall has begun in New England.

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Below are the local signs to tell you it is fall in New England.

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