We hope you are loving Z to A this year. We are having a blast going backward through the gigantic Blimp archives. Many thanks to SIS Bank for sponsoring Z to A this year. We couldn't have done it without you, SIS!

  • Longest letter…”T”.. is 3 days long. Probably because we put all the "THE" songs in there.
  • Shortest letter “X”….1 songs...Xanadu by Rush



  • The LAST song…will be19th Nervous Breakdown. Not A Apolitical Blues! We now end (or start) with numbers.  We kicked it off with U2 Zooropa this year.



  • Shortest song; Her Majesty –The Beatles.  22 seconds



  • Longest Song; Mountain Jam LIVE-Allman Brothers….33:13



  • Bands with most Songs…..The Beatles…269 Songs



Have a suggestion for Z to A? You all always come up with some GREAT songs to add to our list. Call the studio at 792-1029 or hit us up on our Facebook Page

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