Because life isn't quite strange enough and neither are we, let's talk about our fixation with cats.

In a bygone day before the internet and YouTube if you'd told me that we -- and I mean me too -- would be spending way too much time watching all the sassy crap that cats on every continent do I'd have told you you were out of your gourd. Fast forward to today where we don't only do it but this Saturday we revel in it. How you ask?

That would be the Internet Cat Video Festival in Portland to be held at the Portland High School Auditorium on 284 Cumberland Ave. Organizers describe it as such:

"Fans of online feline cinematic masterpieces rejoice! The Walker Art Center's Internet Cat Video Festival tours the world to celebrate all things kitty, featuring cat videos from meme-tastic to purr-fectly meow-velous and numerous feline-themed activities and arts. There are food and beverage vendors selling people-food throughout the festival as well."