I bet you remember your school lunch like it was yesterday.

My one regret growing up is that I was a brown-bag lunch kid. My dad packed my lunch for me every day. This isn't me being ungrateful, this is me being jealous. Some days I wanted a 'hot' lunch. Every day it was cold and being of Greek heritage, you never knew what the hell was gonna be in your lunch.

I can remember him packing in cold Greek chicken wings. Everyone else had a Twinkie and a bologna sandwich and here I am licking my fingers from my chicken wings. Oh, and while they may have had Ziplock baggies for their 'cold' lunch treats - everything in my lunch was wrapped in wax paper. Yes, wax paper.

I would longingly look at that square piece of pizza and wish I could plow through THAT for lunch. My Greek wings were not a good trading food.

When this very unscientific survey was taken of the best school lunches in Maine, there was a clear winner. Windham High School.

Windham Raymond School Nutrition program Facebook
Windham Raymond School Nutrition program Facebook

The bragging rights of the Windham/Raymond School District, RSU 14, are well earned. They have their own Facebook page that will make you wish you were in school and have dad cool it on the brown bagged lunches. From locally sourced seafood to grass-fed beef, it's hard not to be impressed. But they weren't alone. Was your school mentioned as one of the best for their lunches?

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