In July, many frequenters of 3 Dollar Dewey's were stunned at the news that the longtime establishment in the Old Port had closed, rather suddenly. A note had been left on the door thanking patrons and it seemed at the the time that Dewey's had buckled under the wave of all the new bars and restaurants that have opened in Portland in the past few years. But according to Portland Food Map, 3 Dollar Dewey's isn't finished and is expected to reopen shortly under new management.

The restaurant/bar is currently undergoing some renovations. When those are complete, the establishment should reopen to the public. What will be different about Dewey's under this new management is still unclear, but in keeping the location and the name, one would presume that only cosmetic changes to the look of the place, and a new take on menu offerings would be in the works.

There is currently no firm reopening date for 3 Dollar Dewey's. A sign a window states that Dewey's will be "returning soon". Stay tuned, Portland.

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