We all know the housing market in Maine is nuts right now. And the rental market is as well, especially in the summertime near and around beaches.

We found this crazy-expensive spot for a summer rental off Spurwink Rd in Scarborough.

It's in a great spot near beautiful Higgins Beach and it can be yours for only $35,000 MONTH.

This HUGE newly renovated 7 BR, 4.5 BA home offers plenty of privacy on 5.5 acres. Attached 1 BR, 1 BA apt. available at an additional fee. The home is perfect for family reunions, Bachelor & Bachelorette weekends, birthday parties, wedding & baby showers, corporate retreats, rehearsal dinners and so much more.

32k? Yup and THAT'S a bargain considering they were asking (and probably getting) $57,000 a month for the summer as it was sold-out in June, July, and August. So yeah, the $32,000 smackers a month is the OFF-SEASON price.

That being said, if you had the do-ri-me, this would be an epic place for a family vacation. Maybe if we get like, 100 of us and we all kick in 320 dollars....Take a look around!

MExpensice Rental in Maine



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