OMG! How many needles did we ruin when we were kids trying to hear the subliminal messages hidden in our favorite rock songs? Back in the 70s and 80s we would find the spot in the song that our buddy had shown us where to stop the record.

Then we would place our index finger near on the label and turn the disc in the other direction. Our parents aghast that we had unleashed a communication from Satan himself.

To mark the occasion of WBLM's A to Z going backwards this year from Z to A, we thought it would be fun to revisit 4 songs we scratched the hell out of back in the day.

"It's fun to smoke marijuana."

"Satan moves through our voices."


"The music is reversible. Time is not. Turn back, turn back, turn back." (This one is obviously intentional.)


And of course, the one that we all rolled the other way over and over again!

Everything in the legendary Blimp Archives in backwards alphabetical disorder starts Monday on the WBLM Morning Show with the Captain and's Z to A!!

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