Looking at the calendar tells us that spring is almost here. But if you live in Maine, there are quite a few signs that spring is on its way that don't require looking at the date. Instead, we'll just call it life experience. If you're running into any (or all) of these things, you know winter is pretty much toast and the good feeling of spring is almost upon us.

The Potholes Are Eating Your Car Alive

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Pardon us as we steal a line from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", but potholes showing up around spring is a tale as old as time. In fact, let's twist another famous movie to explain. Pothole season in Maine is a lot like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Big, small, alien, they're all here and they're ready to swallow your entire car.

That Person Wearing Shorts When It's 47°


Winters can be brutal in New England and mess with your psyche. Which is why we've all become numb to the idea of seeing someone rocking a tank top and shorts at the first hint of perceived heat and extended sunshine. A simple head nod and wave will acknowledge this person and their belief that yanking their JNCO's out of storage before we even hit 50° is totally fine.

The Secrets Beneath the Snowbanks

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During the warmer months, you'll see people scouring Maine's beaches with metal detectors in hopes of finding hidden treasures. To be honest, there should also be a call to action for those same people when the snowbanks of Maine begin melting. Everything from kids toys to 5-months-frozen articles of clothing can be found. One person's trash is another person's treasure...or something like that.



Even after winters where Maine doesn't seen a ton of snowfall, it just seems like everything is dripping for the entire month of March. What's crazy is we all just accept it too.

"Hasn't it been sunny for like 6 straight days now?"

"Yes, yes it has"

"So why is this thing still dripping?"

"Don't fight nature, man. Just live with nature"

If some part of your driveway isn't damp for all of March, there may be something seriously wrong.

We're sure there are other clear signs of spring out there. But these are unquestionably Maine signs.