Today is not just any 4.20. It's 4.20.2020! Woah man. And in honor of this most sacred of days for those of you that like Toking, Poking, Blazing, Cheeching, Smoking trees. or Mowing the grass we brought back an oldie but a good today on the WBLM Morning Show. A little game we like to call WEED or STEED.

Weed or Steed. You heard it right.  This is the kind of stuff we come up with reallllllllly late at night for the WBLM Morning Show. It occurred to us that the creative names for the different strains of pot are somewhat similar to the creative names people come up with for racehorses.

Ready to play along with the Captain and Celeste? Good Luck.



We're just sitting around the Shanty today!


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