I get it, not everyone has time to be on TikTok. Trust me, I know how consuming it is. Plus, it can be difficult to find content that speaks to the Mainer soul. Fortunately you've got me to save you some time! I've tracked down a BUNCH of Maine content creators and here's the best of the best that I've found this week!

5. waterytart207

This gal often shows up on my For You Page with hilarious content. This TikTok in particular really shows what #marriedlife looks like via text, truly all over the place.

4. spose

Yes, THE spose. He's a local music icon shining the light on other local artists you better not be sleeping on.

3. adaywithshay

She caught my attention with 'Booty Dip' and kept me with the Marshmallow Fluff. This stuff looks delicious!

2. mainahboy84

We've all been there. We're looking at the bright sunny day, the clear blue skies, and we convince ourselves that a sweatshirt will be plenty. And then we discover that we couldn't be more wrong.

1. go.ania.run

We all know and love Pineland Farms in New Gloucester but did you know they have calves named Pandemic and Corona?! They're adorable and you need to see them and the rest of the babies on the farm.

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