I can't tell you how excited I get when October comes around. It is my favorite month of the year, not only because my son and niece were born this month but because of ghosts!

There's nothing I love more than finding out the haunted history of a certain spot, jumping in the car and head over to spook myself out.

The reason why this article is going to be the ultimate terror is because these are real circumstances that were reported and occurred.

There are many different opinions on what happens when you die. But I believe that when someone dies, if they cannot cross over, they will haunt the place they died in.

So I wanted to put together a list of the most horrific murders that happened long ago in Maine. The spots they occurred in and the details because these locations are most-likely very haunted.

Camila Quintero via Unsplash
Camila Quintero via Unsplash

I investigated what I thought was the creepiest real-life-scenarios that have taken place in Maine. These deathly scenes are sure to give you major chills.

History of crime, serial killings and just plain cold blooded murder in Maine goes all the way back to the 1800s.

When something becomes haunted it's very hard to change. If you wanted to visit any of these places, I suggest you keep one eye wide open on what happens all around you.

We've got hatchets, cliffs, axes, and old-fashioned ghosts. So buckle up and get ready to uncover my picks on the 5 most terrifying sites in Maine.

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