We are so excited for The Captain, Herb Ivy, as he celebrates 35 years with the WBLM.

I just passed my 30th year, so I know what a milestone it is to be hitting 35. Seriously, how amazing is that!

Well, I know you've been riding along with The Captain on his epic journey, but there may be a few things you never knew about him. That's why I've got five amazing facts about the man himself you probably didn't know but definitely should. (And then just below that, be sure to submit to us why you think The Captain rocks and we can share the shout out!)

Tooth in the Head

Captain has someone else's tooth in his head. When rough housing as a kid, Peter Brothers came crashing down on the Captain and one of Peter's baby teeth stuck into young Herb Ivy's skull. The tooth is still there and you can feel it under Herb's hair. So weird...

Rockin' in a Band

Captain was in a high school band named Stonehenge and is also an honorary member of Motor Booty Affair where he performs as "Bucko Razmatron."

Off to Space

Captain's first career choice was to be an astronaut, and he is still a space nerd. Too bad he didn't grow up near Cape Canaveral; he did grow up next to a radio station and look where it got him.

First Concert

Captain's first concert was Boston in 1976 and he still has the bootleg cassette tape.

His Full Name

Captain's full name is Herbert Bradley Ivy, his first grade teacher nicknamed him Herbert Sherbet Milton Bradley Poison Ivy. It is perhaps the cutest nickname ever invented.

These are just a few of the many amazing things about the Captain. Wild, right!?

Well, we want you to share in the celebration, so you tell us why the Captain rocks, so we can share all the love with him from you, the biggest fans! Just fill out the form below:

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