Thanks to yesterday's winter storm, plows (city, DOT, and commercial) were running non-stop trying to keep roads and driveways plowed.  As a result, this did not surprise me all that much.

According to the Fort Fairfield Police Department Facebook page, one of the town's plows CAUGHT FIRE!

The plow, a 2011 Freightliner belonging to the Fort Fairfield Public Works, was a complete loss.  The plow is valued at $70,000

Fortunately, no one was injured, but the road where the incident took place was closed for several hours.

According to their post on Facebook:

The 2011, Freightliner is a total loss. The value of the vehicle is listed at a loss of $70,000. The vehicle is fully insured. The operator of the vehicle escaped without injuries. The fire started in the passenger side of the firewall and spread quickly throughout the cab. Electrical wiring is the suspected cause.

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