As the number of COVID-19 cases began spiking across the State of Maine, restaurants across the City of Portland felt the effects. Over the course of two weeks, eight different restaurants temporarily closed in order to keep patrons and staff safe while deep cleaning their space. Now, all of those eight restaurants have reopened. They include:


Gritty's officially reopened more than a week ago after a deep clean and ensuring that their staff was completely healthy. So if you're in the mood for a pint of Black Fly Stout and one of Gritty's delicious sandwiches, the dining room is waiting for you.


Rosie's had to shut down a couple weeks ago after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. After some quarantining and a deep cleanse, Rosie's is back open and ready to serve you a few pints.

East Ender

At the end of October, East Ender temporarily closed down after someone close to the restaurant tested positive. East Ender made sure that all of their employees were tested and took the time to sanitize the restaurant before reopening. They're back to serving up some crazy delicious specialty plates.

Samuel's Bar and Grill

The little tavern that could on Forest Avenue had a part-time employee test positive for COVID-19 a couple weeks ago. Since then, Samuel's has done a deep clean and made a few physical changes at the restaurant to keep staff and patrons safe. They've also been incredibly transparent on their Facebook page. Now go grab yourself some wings or pizza.


DiMillo's closed briefly at the end of October but has been back at it for the last two weeks. They've deep cleaned and added additional safety measures to ensure staff and patrons will be safe while they enjoy an absolute Portland institution.

N To Tail

N To Tail's closure was brief but like all the restaurants on this list, they chose to be transparent and use their temporary closure to further clean the restaurant as well as put in additional measures to keep everyone safe. You know you're hungry for some Korean barbecue.

The Bar Of Chocolate

A patron coming in contact with someone testing positive led to a brief closure for the Bar of Chocolate in Portland's Old Port. The owners wanted to be upfront with guests, many of whom frequent the establishment often. After the staff came back with negative test results, the espresso martinis have been flowing again.

J's Oyster

After a positive test closed J's Oyster for a brief time, J's reopened last week with an announcement that their staff is in good health and ready to serve after a lengthy quarantine. J's outdoor patio may be closed for the colder months, but all of the J's goodness is still being served up indoors.

All of these restaurants continue to work hard to follow all CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe. It's a difficult time for restaurants all across Maine, so if you plan to visit, please be patient and respectful.

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