Roadside attractions are nothing new in a state where people tend to travel a lot. Maine is no exception, with strange sights and finds along several of Maine's key routes. Whether its a retaining wall of handmade bird houses, or the world's largest telephone, or the 1980's poster of Tom Selleck that hands inside a shed, there's a little something for everyone. Most of those roadside attractions have explanations but one that continues to be notable without much reason is the very random bright red British-style telephone booth that sits in a field in Edgecomb, Maine.

Facebook via Emily Straubel
Facebook via Emily Straubel

Shared on Facebook by Emily Straubel, for more than a decade, travelers in the Edgecomb/Boothbay Harbor area of Maine have snapped photos of the oddity. Before you even ask, no the phone does not work. Some commenters suggested that it could be a portal to another dimension or a leftover relic from the Bill + Ted movie series. We can confirm that neither of those theories is accurate.

So why is there a random red telephone booth in the middle of field? Your guess is as good as ours. Over the last decade, it has attracted a fair amount of attention. Professional photographers have sold prints of the booth and Instagram is littered with people who have found it and taken selfies outside or inside 'this glass case of emotion". The red British-style telephone booth shall remain one of the most mysterious roadside attractions in Maine.

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