In all my life I have never seen this happen. On Sunday, as I'm sitting at my computer writing articles for you to read, I heard a noise outside through the open window.  Five seconds later a deer walked out from the woods in front of the window not more than 10 yards away from me.

With the window open, I was sure any little peep from me would send it scampering away. So I quietly grabbed my phone and opened the camera app just to have it crash. Now the deer was slowly walking across the lawn toward the road. I finally got the camera app open and aimed out the window and got this picture.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

Look closely. That brownish blob near the pine tree over near the driveway is a deer. I swear it.

I looked down at the photo displayed on my phone, very disappointed at my poor photography skills. Turns out it's very hard to get a camera phone to focus properly in a hurry when you're taking a picture through a window screen.

I looked back up and there was the deer, looking right at me. I slowly started to raise my camera, which probably looks very much like a hunter slowly raising his gun. The deer bolted and I quickly got one last parting shot as it disappeared through the woods.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

Well that's a little better focus, but by this time the deer was two steps from being out of sight.

Why me? I see pictures on social media every damn day of people getting great shots of wildlife and my one chance gets blown by a stupid screen. I'm sure if I had gone to the living room to shoot through the front door that has no screen, I would have gotten a great picture, but I was afraid any movement at all would have scared it away. I was correct.

Maybe it's time to get a Google Nest cam so I don't miss these great moments and at the same time put up a defense from porch pirates.

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